Wave device signal LED is off

Modified on Tue, 18 Jun at 10:39 AM

When encountering a situation where the LED light on the Wave device is off, several steps can be taken to troubleshoot the issue. Follow these steps sequentially to identify and potentially resolve the problem:

  1. Verify LED Signalisation Rules: 
    • The LED switches off after 10 min in all of the devices except the Wave plugs where the LED switches off after 10 seconds after the last power cycle or the last S button press.
    • Press the S button or power cycle the device to see if the LED will turn on if not go on with the checks.
  2. Check Power Supply: 

    • Verify that the device is properly connected to a power source according to it specific wiring. 
    • Ensure that the power source (110 - 240 V AC / 24-48 V DC / 12 V DC) is functioning correctly.
    • Confirm that there are no issues with the connection points or the power outlet.
  3. Perform Remote Device Reboot:

    • Attempt to initiate a reboot remotely (Parameter No. 120 set to 1)
    • Monitor if the LED light turns on after the reboot process completes. 
  4. Reset to Factory Settings: 

    • If all else fails and the LED light remains off, consider performing a factory reset. 
    • Follow the procedure outlined for factory reset article.
    • Note any changes in LED behaviour after the reset process is completed.
  5. Contact Technical Support: 

    • If the issue persists after performing the above steps, open a ticket.
    • Provide detailed information about the troubleshooting steps taken and any observations made during the process.