Wave devices delay between switch and output

Modified on Thu, 21 Mar 2024 at 02:47 PM

The introduction of a programmed delay in device functionality originate from the option where the device can be added to the gateway via the utilisation of a switch, connected to either SW1 or SW2. In the context of previous series 500 Qubino devices, a significant volume of user complaints and support tickets emerged due to users encountering difficulties while attempting to add the device through switches linked to the input points (SW).

To address these challenges, we have implemented enhancements that now permit users to perform faster clicks to facilitate device inclusion. This revised approach has proven highly effective, rendering the inclusion process considerably more user-friendly when employing the switch. To achieve this, we've reprogrammed the device to pause briefly and monitor user input, distinguishing between actions such as inclusion initiation (resetting or calibration) and commands to toggle the light on or off. This pause is the delay that is present between the click and the turning on the output.

Since most of the users didn't like this approach we already remove the pause in the new firmware that is available on the below link:

Shelly Qubino Wave - Firmware updates