Removing Wave devices from Homey

Modified on Fri, 25 Aug 2023 at 04:38 PM

Below you may find a quick guide on how to remove (exclude) the Shelly Wave devices from Homey.

  • In the Home menu or the Device menu press and hold on the Device icon that you wish to remove.

  • Within the Device pages, choose the settings (icon on the up right position).

  • Once the Device settings loads, select the Remove Device icon.

  • A popup window will notify that you are about to remove the device, click OK if you wish to proceed.

  • At this stage, you will be prompted to trigger the removal (exclusion) command for the designated device. If you let the 30 seconds expire, you will be notified that the node has been removed. This option is used to eliminate the dead nodes that may occur due to device failures or similar issues.
Selecting this option on a working device retains the device's Node ID, preventing its addition to another gateway.

  • The removal (exclusion) process will begin.

  • After the device is successfully removed the device that have the output(s) will turn on and off two times and the chosen device will be removed from the list of devices.