I'm unable to add my Shelly device to the cloud and I'm seeing the error "Device owned by another user." What steps should I take?

Modified on Wed, 24 Apr 2024 at 03:04 PM

If you encounter this error, we have solutions to get you connected seamlessly.

For 6-character long ID devices: Access your device's IP address and execute the command http://<deviceip>/longifyid. This will extend the device ID, allowing you to add it to your cloud account. If the command doesn't work, ensure your device firmware is up-to-date before retrying.

For 12-character long ID devices: If the device is still linked to a previous owner's account, log in to that account, navigate to the device settings, and remove it. Then, log back into your account and add the device.

Additional Information: If you're unable to access the previous owner's account, reach out to our dedicated Shelly Support Team for assistance. We're here to ensure your seamless integration into our smart ecosystem.