Shelly BLU Device Connectivity Issue: Device Not Recognized in Shelly BLE Debug App

Modified on Wed, 17 Jan 2024 at 05:04 PM


Customers may encounter an issue where the Shelly BLU Devices are not recognized as a Shelly device in the Shelly BLE Debug app after performing an OTA update. Despite successful button presses being registered, the app does not allow pairing, and factory resets do not resolve the problem.


If you are facing difficulties pairing the Shelly BLU Devices with the Shelly BLE Debug app on an Android smartphone, the issue may be related to an undocumented limit of paired Bluetooth devices. Android devices have a limit on the number of paired Bluetooth devices, and reaching this limit can cause connectivity issues without providing any error messages.

Follow these steps to resolve the problem:

Check Paired Devices Limit:

Verify if your Android smartphone has reached its limit of paired Bluetooth devices. This limit is not explicitly reported, but when exceeded, it can lead to connection problems.

Forget Paired Devices:

Navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your Android smartphone and review the list of paired devices. If the list is full, you need to forget some devices to make room for new connections.

Forget Unnecessary Devices:

Identify and forget devices that are no longer in use or are less important. To forget a device, tap on its name and select the option to forget or unpair. This action will remove the device from the paired list.

Retry Pairing:

After freeing up space in the list of paired devices, attempt to pair the Shelly BLU Device with the Shelly BLE Debug app again. This should resolve the "Device not Shelly" issue.

This solution should address the connectivity problem and allow users to successfully pair the Shelly BLU Devices with the Shelly BLE Debug app on their Android smartphones.