Wall switch does not operate as before

Modified on Fri, 25 Aug 2023 at 10:04 AM

When you install a smart device behind a wall switch, the physical position of the switch button becomes less significant. For instance, prior to installing the smart device, the wall switch with the button in the upward position would indicate that the connected appliance was turned OFF. However, once the smart device is installed behind the wall switch, the roles of the button positions may be reversed.

This change occurs because you can now control the ON/OFF status of the device using the dedicated app on your smartphone or tablet, as well as through the wall switch connected to the device.

The smart device is cleverly designed to pay attention to how the connected device is working, rather than just focusing on how the wall switch is physically positioned. This is because you can control the device through the app as well. But, if the device only responds to the switch and the switch and app show different states, you might need to flip the switch twice to make it change. This helps make sure both ways of controlling the device stay in sync.

If you wish for the device to operate in accordance with the state of the switch, you may configure this behaviour using the provided parameters. Parameters 1 to 4 are designated for setting the switch types (SW1 to SW4) to a value of 1.