Adding the Shelly Qubino Wave device to SmartThings

Modified on Thu, 7 Mar at 11:30 AM

To successfully integrate the Shelly Qubino Device with SmartThings, you will need to install the proper Edge Driver in your Hub before adding the Wave devices. You may find the edge driver following the link below:

If the devices are already installed without the right Edge Driver all you need to do is to install the above mentioned driver and change it in the device settings.

Once the Edge drivers are installed you may proceed adding the Wave Devices

1. Open the SmartThings app and proceed as follows:

- Tap the "+" icon and select "Add device" to initiate the device addition process.

- Choose "Partner devices" and select "Add."

- Scroll down to locate "Z-Wave" and choose it.

- Scan the QR code on the device. If unsuccessful, proceed to the next step.

- Select "Add without QR code."

- Click on "Can't find your device."

- Choose "Generic Z-Wave Device."

2. Commence the inclusion process on the device. If you are unfamiliar with this procedure, refer to the following guide:

Adding (including) Shelly Wave devices