Setting Parameters of the Wave devices in Home Assistant - Z-Wave JS UI

Modified on Fri, 25 Aug 2023 at 12:53 PM

In this article, you will discover a comprehensive guide detailing the configuration of diverse parameters for Shelly Wave devices. Included are instructions on configuring unlisted parameters, as well as a comprehensive overview of parameter reset methods.

Setting parameters that are in the parameter list

  • Open the HA Menu by selecting the Menu icon located in the top left corner.

  • Within the HA Menu, choose the option "Open Z-Wave JS".

  • Once the user interface (UI) has loaded, proceed to select the icon corresponding to the desired Device for parameter modification.

  • In the newly opened window scroll down to see the Values.

  • Expand the Configuration v4 option.

  • Scroll down to the desired Parameter and modify its value. Confirm the action by clicking on the right-pointing arrow (triangle) on the right of the value.

  • once the value is modified and sent the new value will replace the old value in the parameter.

  • You can replicate these steps for other parameters listed in Configuration V4. 

Setting Parameter not in the list

If there is a parameter not included in the list that requires modification, you may utilise the Custom Configuration field located at the bottom of the list. In this section you can Set, Get and Reset any parameter that is in the device.

Various ways of resetting the Parameters

To reset a parameter, there are several options available:

  1. Employ the Reset option at the top of the Configuration list.
  2. Utilise the red Reset button located under each parameter.
  3. Use the Custom Configuration by inserting the parameter number and clicking Reset.