Battery-operated device is not reachable

Modified on Wed, 06 Mar 2024 at 10:56 AM

1. Summary

Battery-operated Shelly have a sleep mode and in this mode they cannot be addressed via the network, nor are they online in the router!
Battery-operated Shelly go into sleep mode after message / data has been sent.

This conserves the batteries and, for example, has less of an influence on measured temperature values (due to the internal operating heat).

The sleep mode also means that these Shelly are not online in the network, as a result, for example, they cannot be pinged.

2. When are devices awake?

Battery operated Shelly will wake up and be online when

  • they have to send data (limit value exceeded, event / measured value change)
  • they send their "routine report" on the status
  • they are woken up by pressing a button

After the first two points, they immediately go back to sleep mode. After manually waking up (pressing the button), it will remain online and reachable for a few minutes.

Status periods cannot be changed, but thresholds (temperature/humidity for example) could be adjusted for more frequent reporting. However, this will impact the battery life.

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