What are the wake up schemes and reports of Shelly Plus H&T

Modified on Thu, 05 Jan 2023 at 11:52 AM

1. Big wake up (aka SET mode):

- The device is awake for 3 minutes. The device becomes accessible by IP/AP/ MQTT/BLE/WiFi/Cloud/outbound websocket. During this time, it measures the surrounding environment and updates only it's display, disregarding the set thresholds.

2. Small wake up:

- After the device goes to sleep mode and 5 min after this, if the set thresholds were reached, the device measures and updates the display and sends data to the cloud/mqtt/outbound socket with the status.

- If the device didn't wake up in the past 5 min, on every minute it measures the environment and if the changes are <0.1, but less than the threshold, it only updates the display.

3. USB powered:

- Device will report its data on every 5 min, regardless of the threshold.

4. Periodic updates are on every 2hr since firmware version 0.12.0.