Wake up schemes and reports of Shelly Plus H&T

Modified on Fri, 15 Sep 2023 at 03:03 PM

1. Summary

This documentation provides an overview of how the Shelly Plus H&T sensor updates its data and reports sensor information. The device operates in various modes and employs different mechanisms for data reporting, ensuring efficient use of resources and timely updates.

2. Schemes

1. Big wake up (aka SET mode):

- The device is awake for 3 minutes. The device becomes accessible by IP/AP/ MQTT/BLE/WiFi/Cloud/outbound websocket. During this time, it measures the surrounding environment and updates only it's display, disregarding the set thresholds.

2. Small wake up:

- After the device goes to sleep mode and 5 min after this, if the set thresholds were reached, the device measures and updates the display and sends data to the cloud/mqtt/outbound socket with the status.


- If the device didn't wake up in the past 5 min, on every minute it measures the environment and if the changes are <0.1, but less than the threshold, it only updates the display.

3. USB powered:- Device will report its data on every 5 min, regardless of the threshold.

4. Periodic updates are on every 2hr since firmware version 0.12.0.