Differences between Lock PIN and Restricted Login

Modified on Wed, 13 Sep 2023 at 02:11 PM


It's important to understand the differences between the Pin Lock and Restricted Login for Shelly devices, as often they are confused for being the same thing. However, there are distinctions in both features and their functionalities.

1. Restricted Login.

- This feature can be enabled on Shelly App as well as from the Local interface of the devices. Mainly this feature comes as firmware

- To enable the Restrict Login, both on the local interface and in the Shelly App, the feature can be found under the tab "Internet and Security":



Shelly App:


- This feature provides a restriction to the control and settings of the devices. However, this feature is available for local usage of the devices. It is not enabled for cloud connected devices. In other words, the devices will be protected by Username and Password, only if they are controlled within the local WiFi.
- This feature as well protects the devices for being controlled via HTTP request and when this is needed, the URL must contain the username and the password used for the restrict login. For example: http://username:password@/ip/relay/0?turn=on

2. Lock PIN.

- This feature is available only at Shelly App and can be enabled individually for each device and the option to enable it can be found under "Application settings":


- The Lock PIN in contrast to the Restrict Login, is only accepting a numeric code and this code will be applicable for every device with Lock PIN enabled. The Lock PIN code can be changed from the "User Settings" tab:



- This feature works only for the application, it's not affecting the local control of the devices. Here this feature will be protecting the control and settings access, on any change it will request to enter the PIN code.

It's important to remember the drastic differences between Lock Pin and Restrict Login, that Lock Pin is used for the Shelly App, but Restrict Login for the local control of the devices. Lock Pin is only numeric code, but Restrict Login is using both username and password. Lock Pin can be enabled individually for each device and the PIN code is all the same for all of them, where in contrast Restrict Login can be defined individually for each device (each device can have it's own unique username and password).