Shelly device is shown as offline in Shelly Cloud Application, but it is powered. What is the problem?

Modified on Thu, 02 May 2024 at 03:04 PM

If your Shelly device appears offline in the Shelly Cloud Application despite being powered and accessible via its IP address, the problem may stem from the cloud connection. In addition to refreshing or rebooting the Shelly app and ensuring cloud connectivity is enabled within the app settings, you can further troubleshoot by enabling logs from the device's webUI. By accessing the web interface of the device and enabling logs, you can gain insights into any potential issues affecting connectivity. If the problem persists after attempting these steps, performing a factory reset on the device and setting it up again from scratch may be necessary to restore proper cloud connectivity.

Additional Information: Enabling logs from the webUI provides valuable diagnostic information, allowing you to identify and address any underlying issues affecting the device's connection to the cloud. By leveraging this additional troubleshooting step, you can ensure a more comprehensive approach to resolving offline status issues and restoring seamless access to your Shelly device via the Shelly Cloud Application.