Range extender functionality

Modified on Thu, 14 Sep 2023 at 09:35 AM


Range extender functionality is part of the device's WiFi characteristics. It enables a Gen2 Shelly device to provide internet connectivity to other shellies connected (GEN1, GEN2) to its access point with otherwise poor WiFi coverage. It is available on non battery operated devices. Some of the configuration and status properties are specific to this functionality and only available when it is present. It is advisable to enable range extender functionality only when the AP is secured.

2.Enabling the Range extender feature

1. Go to the device > Network > Range extender > Enable


2. After that go to Network > Access point > Enable . After enabling the Access point, choose between Open network or Set a password for the AP, then click on Apply


Connecting Shelly device to the Range extender's Access point

1. Go to the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile phone and connect to the AP of the Shelly device, that you want to connect to the Range extender


2. Open a web browser and load . After that, choose Internet&Security settings / Network > Wi-Fi mode - Client > enter the Range extender's AP name and password (if the network is not open)


3.  Go to the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile phone again and connect to the AP of the Range extender.


4. Open the Shelly Cloud app > top right "hamburger" menu > Discovered devices. Then click Scan

The Range extender and the connected to its AP Shelly device will appear.

Click on Add device to add the device to your Shelly Cloud account.


Accessing locally the Shelly device, that is connected to the Range extender

Option 1: Access the Range extender device locally > go to Network settings > click on the External link


Option 2: Go to the Shelly Cloud app / control.shelly.cloud > Network > Range extender > click on the connected Foreign device