What does “condition types” mean in Scenes ?

Modified on Tue, 29 Aug 2023 at 01:32 PM

There are 3 condition types, used for different purposes – “One time”, “Repeatedly” and “On any change”.

  • "Once - when the pre-set condition has been reached, the scene will be activated only one time. For the scene to be activated again, the "WHEN" condition needs to be repeated. If you additionally insert a time in the "Condition is valid" field, the scene will not start until the "WHEN" state has existed for at least this time.

Example: You have a scene (When) a door is opened, (Do) send a push notification. If it’s set to Once: 0 min - the “do” action will be triggered immediately when the door is open. If it’s set to Once: 2 min - the “do” action will be triggered 2 minutes after the door has been opened.


  • "Repeatedly" - The "WHEN" state is constantly queried every full minute. And all set "DO" actions are also queried every minute if the "WHEN" state is not changed.

Example: You have a scene (When) consumption > 15 W, (Do) send a push notification. The scene checks the consumption every minute and if it’s > 15W will send notification.


  • “On any change" - This condition is mainly used for monitoring temperature or power consumption. When that condition type is chosen for the value of X, it will always activate the same scene when pre-set conditions are met on every change.


Example for “once” and “on any change” difference:

We have a scene with (WHEN) Temp > 10 degrees, (DO) Send notification.

Let’s say the current temp is 6 degrees. The temp reaches 12 degrees. Both “once” and “on any change” will be triggered and send the notification. The temp changes again and is now 15 degrees. “Once” won’t be triggered, but “on any change” will.